Welcome to South Peaks

from by La Puerta Número Dos

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"Welcome to South Peaks" from the album "Twelve Doors And A Key"

Illustration by Sandra Callejas (Lady Inspiration)

Art Direction by Andros Adlar, Sandra Callejas & Alexandre Simas

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Welcome to South Peaks
twilight makes us golden as we walk down the street
This city never sleeps
saints of stone behold things that are hard to believe
Cross the bridge and see
guile and erudition rule together in here
But at night, the wild runs free

Come over, show's to begin
dance to the tune of your sins
If you quarrel, we are for thy
downtown our rock commands the night... join the fight!

You’ll find allies here
brothers and sisters, we meet to resist
But grant trust carefully
backstabbers and hookers cloak as wise men and queens
We bite our thumb at thee
if we raise together adversity cannot win
Here we stand, in south peaks

I can't curb this impulse
I can't help the rage
set this city on fire
waste my own Pompeii

Listen our word
tear down their thrones
Listen our word
bring down the lords
Come over, listen our word
rise up and tear down their thrones
Come over, listen our word
in South Peaks where corruption flows...
We'll make them fall!


from Twelve Doors And A Key, released May 23, 2016




La Puerta Número Dos Matacán, Salamanca, Spain

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